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About the Clinic

Dr. Sanjay Pandeya has been providing Nephrology care in Halton and surrounding areas since 2000. He has dedicated his profession to treating patients with kidney disease. At the Pandeya Kidney Centre, the team focuses on the delivery of optimal clinical care to patients in a wide range of outpatient services.

As a Nephrologist, Dr. Pandeya and his team most typically treat patients with kidney disease including acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease and end stage kidney disease requiring dialysis. He provides management and treatment of high blood pressure, urinary abnormalities, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, kidney stone prevention and a variety of other entities that effect the kidneys. He also provides pre-transplant and post kidney transplant care.

While Dr. Pandeya’s in-patient clinical practice is largely based out of Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, he also provides in-patient Nephrology care at all three sites of Halton Healthcare as well as Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.

In addition to the practice of clinical nephrology, Dr. Pandeya and his research team are part of multi-national clinical trials and have authored several peer-reviewed research publications.

Dr. Pandeya and his team are dedicated and strive for excellence in a warm and caring environment where patients are treated with respect and professionalism.