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For Patients

At the Pandeya Kidney Centre, Dr. Pandeya and his team provide Nephrology expertise in consultation and ongoing follow up of medical conditions that result in various kidney diseases. For those with chronic kidney disease, he is able to manage patients throughout their journey, including end stage kidney disease, need for various forms of dialysis, and pre and post-transplant care.  He provides Nephrological care in both the ambulatory and in-patient setting to provide patients the seamless and comprehensive care they deserve.

Dr. Pandeya has recently opened a new location in Milton to better serve its ever-expanding population. Click here for location.

Please see below for relevant information and frequently asked questions.

Quick Questions

Answers to your frequently asked questions are below. Click on the title or "Expand all" link to view our responses.
  • What to bring for each visit?
  • What is the process for a scheduling a new consultation appointment?
  • What is the wait time for a new consultation appointment?
  • What is the process for scheduling a follow up visits?
  • What is an eVisit?
  • How long will my appointment take?
  • When should I have my blood tests done?
  • Where should I go for my blood tests?
  • Will parking be available?
  • Is the office wheelchair accessible?
  • How can I request refills of my medications?
  • What is the Hospital Kidney Clinic and why would I be followed there?
  • What if I am hospitalized?
  • Does public transportation go to 700 Dorval Drive?
  • What is the difference between a Nephrologist versus a Urologist?


eVisit- your gateway to a convenient patient experience via Telemedicine

 A videovisit is a private, secure, and face-to-face appointment between you and Dr. Pandeya within the Ontario Telemedicine Network, with you on your smartphone or computer at a specific time.

It is useful for follow-up appointments to review blood pressure, discuss test results, and to address concerns that do not require a physical examination in the office, after which Dr. Pandeya will make recommendations about your care.

You save time and expense, and may do this in the convenience of your own home.

If appropriate for your follow-up, you should have had any requested bloodwork or imaging studies done in advance of the eVisit. You should also have an updated list of medications as well as a recent home or drug store blood pressure available for Dr. Pandeya and his staff.

If you are interested, please speak with Dr. Pandeya and his staff about whether an eVisit is something you should consider for your next follow-up appointment.

Video: Failing Kidneys and Different Treatment Options by Dr. Mike Evans