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Other Services


Dr. Pandeya has served as a Medical Expert in several cases. Having been in practice as a consultant since 1999, and being involved in many clinical trials and publications in the medical literature, he offers an expertise in Nephrology and provides a fair, objective and unbiased opinion based on the facts presented.


Dr. Pandeya has served as a Consultant and Advisor to Pharmaceutical companies when appropriate. He brings his knowledge and expertise in communicating invaluable contributions to the table.


Dr. Pandeya is often sought to be a lecturer on accredited continuing medical education programs for physicians across the country and abroad.


Dr. Pandeya is an Assistant (Adj.) Professor at McMaster University. Over the years, he has supervised and mentored medical students, as well as residents, both in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

Please contact Dr. Pandeya’s office to leave a request for any of the services noted above.