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Ida Artsrunyan

Clinical Research Assistant


As Clinical Research Coordinator, Ida Artsrunyan plays an important role in ensuring that patients participating in clinical drug trials at the Pandeya Kidney Centre are closely monitored, comfortable, and well cared for. Using the knowledge and skills that she has acquired through her previous experience as a pharmacist and pharmaceutical sales representative, Ida supports both the patients and the Pandeya research team in achieving accurate study results that will in turn improve medication and treatment options for those with kidney health issues.

Ida is responsible for assisting with the patient screening process, answering patients’ questions about the clinical study, scheduling appointments, completing routine testing with the study subjects, dispensing the new research medication according to Dr. Pandeya’s orders, and inputting the data for submission to the pharmaceutical company that is sponsoring the study.

With every patient that she sees, Ida aims to understand how they are feeling as a result of the trial drug and what she can do to help them as well as to be flexible and accommodating when scheduling their ongoing assessments. She also strives to work efficiently but accurately so that participating in a clinical drug trial is an easy, convenient, and positive experience for the subject. Not only does Ida enjoy the people aspect of clinical research, she is also very interested in how the information and data that she collects will help future generations of kidney patients through the discovery of new medication.


  • Phlebotomy Training Certificate
    CJ Health College (Mississauga, ON)
  • Clinical Research Postgraduate Certificate
    Seneca College (Toronto, ON)
  • Advanced Training in Pharmacy Certificate
    National Health Care Institute (Yerevan, Armenia)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science
    Perm State Pharmaceutical Academy (Perm, Russia)
    (Evaluated by ICAS Canada equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada)